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Simply Writing Well – Consultation

The Simply Writing Well Workshop – The 3 Organizational Keys to Balancing Idea Creation, Development & Structure for Effective Written & Verbal Self-Expression

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Workshop Overview

As an entrepreneurial businesswoman and teacher with many years of experience in marketing, operations, administration, and education, Anne Cucchissi-Brandon has witnessed the frustration, eroding confidence, and enormous hours spent creating and delivering written and verbal communications. Having developed a proven, step-by-step organizational process to alleviate these issues, Anne decided to share her Simply Writing Well Process in a hands-on, collaborative, instructional workshop to empower all who genuinely want to express their ideas confidently, save time, lessen their frustration, and efficiently meet their deadlines.

Since ideas become a reality when they are engaging, understandable, and delivered in a structure that enhances rather than burdens the audience, the focus of this book is to help balance idea creation, idea development, and structure for effective written and verbal expression. By independently answering the 3 Keys to Writing Success within Anne’s Simply Writing Well Process, attendees will learn the necessary steps to develop their ideas thoroughly, communicate them with their audience in mind, and select a structure that appeals to and builds greater acceptance of their ideas by their desired audience. In a world where everything must be done yesterday, everyone deserves to know how Anne’s Simply Writing Well Process can bring clarity and confidence to their communications, as well as ease their frustrations, save them time in their already busy schedule, and ultimately make their ideas a reality, too!

So, join Anne and learn how the 3 Organizational Keys of the Simply Write Well Process can make a difference to your next email, report, project, or presentation. Since each step in Anne’s process allows each side of the brain to focus, contribute, balance, and deliver quality results, you will see how easy it is to fit the steps into your busy schedule, ensure your communication serves your purpose and your audience and meet your deadlines with confidence. With Anne’s relaxed, conversational style guiding you through each step within the process, along with interaction and discussion with your peers, you will see how easy the Simply Writing Well Process is to use whenever you have an idea to communicate or express. So, reach out and schedule a time on Anne’s calendar, shown above, to discuss your thoughts and concerns with Anne to determine the best option for you to Simply Write Well today!

About Your Coach

Anne is a teacher at heart. Teaching and coaching are truly her passion. Leading two centers in test preparation, college selection, and career development and, as an entrepreneur, delivering strategic consulting advice in marketing and sales to multiple industries, Anne has always been a student of her marketplace. Like a sponge, Anne chooses to absorb all that surrounds her and to use her acquired knowledge to teach, coach, and help others. Anne loves to learn and collaborate and likes to surround herself with people who love to learn.

At Vassar College, Anne earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English and a Provisional Teaching Certification in Secondary School English. In addition, she had the opportunity to study at Oxford University and intern in the British Primary Schools. Unfortunately, there were no teaching jobs available upon graduation, so with college loans to pay, she entered the world of business.

During her career, Anne has successfully developed, implemented, and shared her Simply Writing Well Process in the worlds of business and education. As a business owner and strategic consultant, Anne has delivered strategic marketing advice to many owners and top-level executives in multiple industries. Her process begins by understanding her client’s services, shaping their market message, selecting their target audience, and teaching professionals to deliver and hone the message to produce quality results. Using the Simply Writing Well Process, her straightforward, concise message development led her clients to acquire more clients and increase their market share and knowledge. Consequently, 75% of Anne’s clients returned and renewed her strategic consulting services.

As a career consultant and college advisor for College Selection and Test Preparation in the world of education, Anne was excited to see that 80% of her college selection students were accepted to attend their first choice university. And she was equally excited to learn the implementation of the Simply Writing Well Process allowed “C” students to become “A” students in their English classes, too. And now, Anne looks forward to seeing how her process can make a difference to more students and professionals today!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 100% Guarantee to all who have fully participated and implemented the Simply Writing Well Process independently and as outlined in our workshops.  We will work diligently with you to ensure you receive value when employing the Simply Writing Well Process.

However, if, after complete implementation, you remain unsatisfied after implementing the process independently for an upcoming written or verbal project, we will return the dollars received minus any related credit card fees.

Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Workshop Terms & Conditions

Workshop Enrollment – All workshops are to be paid in full at the time of registration. If payment is not received at that time, an invoice will be sent and is immediately payable upon receipt. Registration and admittance to the upcoming workshop are confirmed once payment is received.

Workshop Participation – Simply Writing Well LLC reserves the right to revoke or deny participation in our workshops and revoke any rights for violating policies, provisions, or terms and conditions. Revocation of privileges will be at the discretion of Simply Writing Well LLC, and related fees are nonrefundable.

Workshop Materials – Each participant understands that the content and materials used in the Simply Writing Well LLC Workshops are the sole property of Simply Writing Well LLC.  Since the content and materials presented in the workshop are based upon the book, which is copyrighted, the workshop materials may not be modified, copied, reproduced, redistributed, recorded, or otherwise used for public or commercial purposes, including in the creation of education or training materials or any use on the Internet, without the express written consent of Simply Writing Well LLC. In addition, recording this workshop, discussion, or materials is strictly prohibited without prior written consent by Simply Writing Well, LLC.

Ownership – The content of the Simply Writing Well Workshop is the sole property of Simply Writing Well LLC. Each participant understands that all content included on this site and delivered in our workshops, such as text, graphics, logos, and materials, is the sole, exclusive property of Simply Writing Well LLC.

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